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just letting everyone know that Deborah has started her medicine it will probably take a little to time to get in her system. She wanted me to tell everyone hi and that she loves all of you, and that she is so sorry for everything, and hope that everyone can forgive her. She gave me this address to send any mail.

Friends Hospital
Deborah Henning
TE2 Rm 2
4600 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Thank you all for your support,that is an important part in her recovery and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Love you all.

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News about hogwartsvixxen

Hi Everyone

First I want to apologize for that terrible April fools post that, was just wrong none of you wonderful people should have to be subjected to that so I got around to deleting it. Second, as you all know she needs help, so she has been admitted to Friends Hospital for psychiatric treatment. They say she should be there for a least a month. This has taken a huge load off of my mind. I also have to thank my dear friend Yenny for helping me convince her to go, she has been an instrumental part in getting her to the hospital. She has my eternal gratitude. I hope you all can forgive her, she is not well right now, and thankfully she is getting the help she needs. I do know that she would love to hear from you all, I do know a phone call, or a card, or anything would help in her recovery to know that she still have her LJ. family She is so worried that she has lost her Lj family So if you have a few minutes to call or send a card a letter.

she can reached here:

Deborah Henning
TE2 Rm 2
Friends Hospital
4600 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Put the code 8740

The phone number to where she can be reach is:
Ask For Deborah in TE2 Rm 2
The phones open at 7am and gets turned off at 11pm EST

I know it make make her day to hear from her LJ family
You can contact me at savagedangels@aol.com
Thank you all for all the love you have shown us.

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To Our LJ Family who uses AOL
We recieved this e-mail. Luckly I'm not as impulsive as Deb and I looked into the matter before entering my credit card information which the AOL Agent told me in Live Chat that AOL never NEVER asks for.

Stay Safe and Stay on Line. I just got this Journal I don't want to loose any of you now. *HUGS*

Dear aol Customer,

This is your official notification from aol that the service(s) listed below will be
suspended or temporary deactivated if not renewed immediately. Previous notifications have
been sent to the Billing Contact assigned to this account.
As the Primary Contact, you must renew the service(s) listed below or it will be deactivated and suspended.

To confirm your Online Profile records click here:


The administrator asks you to accept our apologies for the caused inconveniences and
expresses gratitude for you cooperation.

Thank You for your patience in this matter.

But when we went to Aol Billing it said that our account was active with no issues.

BEFORE entering ANYTHING Contact AOL. Also there was no Official AOL bluey Logo on the e-mail.

This an attempt be someone who broke thru and hacked into AOL's Firewall and Billing Department.

LJ Family


Hi Everyone, *Waves* You know me The Other One

Thanks to everyone who as Deb says familied me or will family me. I've come to know, love and trust you all as if you were my real family, and I don't trust or love easily. You all have been there for me when I only had one other person who I could talk to about Deb harrysexmagickand that is Aaron our nephew huffizm You all gave me your love, understanding and advice. You let become part of your LJ life by writing me wonderful hot fics, and gifts. That is one of the reasons why I created this journal, also as you know Deb was banned from dragonspam under harrysexmagick. That gave me the incentive to do something I had wanted to do for a while,(Deb is helping me out here as I'm not really good with words) create a Live Journal apart and separate from harrysexmagick</lj>yet together. She can now post her dragons ondragonspam</lj> and I get to rant and have my own space which I need sometimes. I will still be sharing hers as well.

Another thing and PRAY for me because just as you can be expecting a depressive post from Deb bi-monthly due to THE CHANGE you can expect a rant post from me.

Although I do need to let you all know something right now. I won't be on as long or as much as Deb, and I might even still comment at times on her journal. In the long run however I think this will be be a wonderful relationship LOL *big group hug* and lookie I Tag!